What is adopt a polling station?

Adopt a Polling Station is an amazing initiative in which every-day Kenyans, like you, have come together to volunteer their time, money and effort to keep vigil at polling stations during the 2017 elections.

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Why adopt polling station?

Our Goal is to reduce, and possibly eliminate, any irregularities in and around polling stations.

Given the large number of polling stations, we need as many people as we can get. We therefore wish to open our initiative to as many responsible Kenyans as possible, to join or support us to sponsor volunteers in each and every polling station.

We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters who are special only in that they chose to protect the integrity of the electal process, and, hopefully set a precedent for the next Five (5) years.

If you cannot give your time, kindly consider giving money to help us buy food, security and transport for our volunteers.


Fact: Majority of election injustices happen in or around polling stations during elections.

The purpose of adopting is to make sure that volunteer citizens are fed, secured and enabled in keeping vigil on election day

How do I get involved?

  1. Improved delivery of democracy. We insist that the next Five (5) years have to be determined by the people
  2. Restore hope and morale. You do not have to accept the status quo.
  3. We intend to reduce, or hopefully eliminate the chances for irregularity.
  4. Increased safety. Our presence we will deter any incitement that may lead to violence or panic.
  5. Peace of mind. We are looking out for the safety of our fellow Kenyans.
  6. Kenyans who have never had a chance to take action, can now do so by volunteering their time or donating towards food, transport and security of our members.

How can I help?

Think. Of all the Kenyans who are victimised and taken advantage of, especially, during elections.


We have a growing number of members. Some of whom have suffered in various ways during the past elections and can only move on by making a positive change in this upcomming election.

By Adopting a Polling Station or Volunteering, you are playing a role in sorting out the wrongs of the past, and stopping potential wrongs of the future.

We accept contributions of between KShs. 50 and KShs. 10,000 to help us buy FOOD, TRANSPORT and SAFETY for our volunteers.

I will help by Volunteering

I will Adopt A Polling Station


Put yourself in the shoes of a volunteer - you wish well, you want to help, and, you know it will not be an easy task. Help to ease the difficulties that our volunteers will face.

We intend to supply FOOD, TRANSPORT and SECURITY to our volunteers.


Let Us Protect Our Future!

Kindly write to us and tell us what you think. All suggestions are welcome.